Monday, December 18

Have decided to move....

Blogger was pissing me off so I have moved -

The Christmas Photoshoot

I picked up this huge frame (it measures 48cm x 112cm) from The Warehouse and put some of the photos I took in it - I think it looks great :)

And here is a close up.

I am going to change the photos in the frame every month - this means a photoshoot once a month LOL. The kids weren't in the best mood yesterday, I actually have a few shots taken towards the end with their backs to me cos they had had enough. And how hard is it to get them ALL looking at the camera at the same time. I envy the Mum's out there with only one child to photography :)

TFL Kim.

Sunday, December 17

Christmas Photoshoot

Yep, finally got around to it :)

Here is Taya, I always add her to the back of our Christmas cards.
Guess what I am making tonight LOL

Will load up pics of the boys later tonight.

Kylie ~ She's a Showgirl

What a night. Kylie was unreal.

Very emotional, alot more than I thought I would be, still not 100% sure why I spent most of the first half with tears rolling down my face. At the start someone yelled out Happy Birthday to Kylie as our original date was on her birthday, very funny. During the intermission I managed to compose myself (LOL) and was looking forward to a 'dry' second half. Well the tears start the moment she was back on stage singing her version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. She was joined with her sister Dannii last night on stage singing 'Kids', they had a blast on the stage together.

One very lucky little girl (I think she was 8) ended up on Stage with Kylie and they sang the Chorus to one of her songs - Gee I hope her Mum scrapbooks :)That is something to tell the grandkids.
We had planned on getting a late dinner before coming home last night but I was too tired - I think from all the tears LOL. Anyway Kylie was fantastic and yes, it was well worth the 18 month wait to see her, glad we held on to our tickets.

Saturday, December 16

A long time coming :D

Yes it has been ages, I know.
I'm here now though LOL

Waving to Rach as she pointed out that I haven't updated for ages (and ages). I also better throw in a Hello to Kerry too so she doesn't feel neglected.

I hate this time of year. Too much to do and not enough time to do it blah blah blah. We didn't even get the Chrissy tree up until 3 days ago. I let the kids do the whole thing so it looks very attractive to say the least ROFL.

Going to the Kylie Concert tonight YIPPEE!! The tickets were a birthday present from Darren last year and finally we are going. Sarah is looking after Oliver and Nathaniel for me, Thanks heaps CHicko.

Yesterday I went to the Scrapathon at Scraptacular all day/night crop that starts at 10am and goes until Midnight. Got to catch up with most of the girls before Christmas which was great. Also got to hand out
our Secret Santa presents. I had Sarah and Sarah had me, how funny is that.
I made Sarah a magnetic note board from a baking tray and lots of photos of Harry and Rebekah - thank god for blogs as that's where all the pics came from.

Sarah made me a beautiful box with 3 trays inside, it has a handle so I can carry it around, I love it (Thanks Sarah). ATM I am going to put my 'pink' things in it that I got from Kerry for Chrissy (Thanks again Kerry).

I also got an extra gift from Anna. I was a bit suprised as I wasn't expecting anything from her, Thankyou Anna. I think they are gorgeous. You are so clever.

In other news, I got a letter in the mail on Monday. It was from For Keeps to tell me I had won an Award for Excellence in Design, well I nearly fell over. Had to tell someone so after convincing Sarah I wouldn't go into her house (just stand under the carport LOL - as it turns out she was finishing off my secret santa present :)) I went around there and gave her the envelope. She was sooo excited for me. We were both doing the happy dance (must have been a sight for the neighbours if they were watching ROFL) I also got a certificate.
Had a few dramas with my prize but I eventually got - had to collect it myself from the Couriers Depot :( Lots of goodies in the box, $500 worth.

OK so blogger isn't playing nice and won't let me upload anymore pics :( will come back later to add some.

Might go and have a little nanna nap before Sarah comes around to get the kids, I can feel a migrane coming on so I need to nip it in the bud so I can enjoy Kylie tonight.

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, October 6

This ones for Sarah.

Yes it's been ages (insert red face here).
Lots to tell but will fill you in later.
I have added the music video - Sandi Thom ~ I wish I was a Punk Rocker for Sarah although it is very catchy and I am loving it :) Thank Chicko.

Scraptacular's BIG 50% OFF Sale started yesterday. If you haven't been tomorrow is the last day so you had better be quick.

The Weekend Away was last week and we had a ball. You can view pics here.
Working on website stuff this week (when am I not LOL).

I will add some bits and pieces over the weekend.
Cya Kim.

Tuesday, August 1

I'm not really a bad blogger

I have been really busy doing lots of other stuff as you probabaly already know. And if you don't, I'm the new Website Admin for I have been flat out getting stuff done, at the moment it is never ending. Heaps of new stock to put up before I even think about putting up all the other products.
Yesterday the NEW Urban Lily went up and it is devine. Unfortunately there has been a delay with the UL rub-ons but they shouldn't be much longer than a week.
On the home front I have come down with the flu and am feeling really crap. The brickwork is finally finished so now we need to get a frame inspection and then the plasterboard can go up - Yippee!!
Only 16 days until Kiwiscraps, I am so looking forward to this. A few weeks after Kiwiscraps I have Scraptacular's weekend away too. If you live in Melbourne and are interested check out the website as there are still a few spots left.

Well that's it from me ~ if you are up for a chat come find me on the forum :)

Saturday, July 15

A Quick one for Shazza

This is a really quick post to let you know I am still around, just really busy doing other stuff (wink wink).
I will make a BIG announcement really soon.
So Shazza, there you go. I have updated my blog just for you.

Very quickly, on a side note ~ a big thank you to Claire for having me over for lunch on Tuesday just gone. It was lovely to catch up with you and Wendy and have a chat. Your 2 boys are gorgeous, say hello to Josh for me. I hope we can do it again sometime.

That's it for now, gotta run.

Saturday, July 1

Scrapathon and catching up.

Before I talk about the Scrapathon I need to announce that Didi won the last 'What's that Pic', Yes it was a stapler. I will get a RAK together for you ASAP and leave it at the shop.

OK Friday Scrapathon.
OMG how noisy were we? Actually don't answer cos I know we were VERY LOUD!!
Had a ball, best crop I have been to in ages. Food, Shopping, Music - which lead to lots of singing LOL and dancing and ass shaking, more food and a little bit of scrapping too. We had 4 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, that's heaps to share between 18 people.

Yummo! Apparently the line has died done a lot since they opened last week, about a 20 minute wait now.

Back to the Scrapathon, I lasted the whole 14 hours - well not quite as I didn't get there until 11.45am (it started at 10am) but didn't leave until midnight. Had so much fun I have booked into July's already as I don't want to miss out. A lot of us had the silly's, you would have thought we had been drinking LOL.
I took some pics but unfortunately they didn't turn out the best - that's what happens when you take the 'little' camera, I left my 350D at home :( I know better for next time.
So what more could a girl want out of a day??? No kids (I do love them but...), lollies, pizza, Krispy Kreme Donuts, scrapping and friends to share a laugh (or 2 or 3 or ........)

I need a new pic for 'what's that pic' and have chosen an easy one (for some) but I want you to tell me what's happening too.
Here it is, really crappy pic from the 'little' camera -

I think that's it for now.
Of to 'play' on the puter, more about that another time ;)